Physical Therapy Evaluation:

Physical Therapy Evaluation

A full 80-minute assessment and treatment to look at the body as one entire integrated system. In this session, we will learn about your past injuries and medical history to put together the pieces as to why you are seeking care today. We will also observe how well you move and what strategies you use to perform those movements. Together, we will design a rehabilitation program that is tailored to your individual goals.  Treatment in the clinic will have an emphasis on Functional Manual Therapy® and neuromuscular re-education to teach your body how to move more efficiently.

Physical Therapy Follow-up

Physical Therapy Follow-up

In these 50-minute sessions, we will first discuss how your body has responded to your treatment thus far. Are there any changes you’ve noticed? Any challenges? We will run a quick assessment of the limitations we have discovered from the initial evaluation and implement treatment strategies to address them. We will adjust your home exercise program as needed.  Treatment may include Functional Manual Therapy®, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), gait training, and exercises to improve efficiency of movement and body awareness.

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