What kind of health insurance do you accept?
Inspire Physical Therapy LLC is an out-of-network provider and does not accept health insurance. Patients are welcome to make a claim to their health insurance company independently except those who receive services from Medicare. Patients who receive insurance from Medicare are not able to make a claim because Inspire Physical Therapy LLC is not a Medicare provider. All patients are responsible for payment to Inspire Physical Therapy LLC in full at the time of each appointment.
Why cash-based?
Health insurance can be limiting in regards to the kind of care their customer can get. All too often, health insurance companies dictate how many visits their customer is allowed per diagnosis and how long each visit can be. With a cash-based model, there are no hidden fees or insurance companies to battle. Patients are able to have more control over their care by not waiting for approval from their health insurance before receiving physical therapy treatment. With this model, patients have the freedom to seek physical therapy as soon as any minor ache and pain arises or even as a preventative service to maintain their health and wellness.
What is the Direct Access Law in Virginia?
The Direct Access Law in Virginia states a patient may receive physical therapy care for a given diagnosis for 30 business days without a physician’s referral. After 30 business days, a patient must obtain a physician’s referral in order to continue receiving care.
What should I bring to my session?
Wear comfortable clothes that allow easy access to the area for which you are seeking treatment. Preferably this would include gym shorts and a loose shirt. Women should wear a sports bra or tank top if seeking treatment for upper body areas.
How long is each session?
Initial evaluation sessions are 80 minutes and follow up appointments are 50 minutes.
What is proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)?
PNF addresses the neuromuscular and motor control components of how we function. It is a hands-on intervention that integrates all moving parts back into the core, creating a more efficient movement system. It follows the principle that you must have proximal stability in your trunk to have good quality distal mobility in other parts of your body.
What is Functional Manual Therapy®?
Functional Manual Therapy ® is an amazing all-encompassing approach implemented by physical therapists who have studied with the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). It looks at the entire body to address the root cause of dysfunction, not only addressing the symptoms. Treatment includes joint mobilization, fascia mobilization, and neuromuscular re-education using PNF techniques. It involves the patient to be actively engaged during treatment and encourages them to focus on body awareness.

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