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Have you crossed physical therapy off the list as something you’ve tried without much success?

Have you been dealing with pain or dysfunction without getting any relief?

Or are you someone who would like to walk or run more efficiently?

We can help! With a Functional Manual Therapy® approach, Inspire Physical Therapy LLC is able to think outside of the box and strives to treat the entire body has a complex system instead of a focalized area. Your experience at Inspire Physical Therapy LLC will be nothing but complete one-on-one care with the same physical therapist that is tailored to fit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Each session will focus on helping you move more efficiently with less pain. Techniques include mobilization of soft tissues, joints, viscera, and neural tissue as well as methods to address efficiency of movement, including proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and an exercise program to promote mobility and body awareness.

Our Services

Discover your potential for living without pain, moving more efficiently, and gaining body awareness with Inspire Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Physical Therapy Evaluation

A full 80 minute assessment and treatment to look at the body as one entire integrated system.

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Physical Therapy Follow-up

Physical Therapy Follow-up

In these 50 minute sessions, we will first discuss how your body has responded to your treatment thus far.

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Our Clients Testimonials

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As a physical therapist who owns a clinic and sports performance facility, I understand the need for delivering the best care and outcomes for our patients. I have known Laura for years, and she has absolutely become one of the best clinicians in Richmond. Not only is she highly trained with hands-on treatment and evaluation, but she greatly cares about the relationship with her patients and treats them like family. If you need someone who values your time, will spend time with you individually, and to help you make big changes in how you move and feel, I highly recommend you see Laura. She is also who I see for treatment personally, so hopefully that is the ultimate recommendation!

— Kyle A.